Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Using Med-Stop / Welcome screen - Quick Tasks and Statistics

Welcome screen

When you login to Med-Stop, the first screen you get is the Welcome screen. It is highly customizable page presenting the most important statistics and information about your company.


The information about your company status and important alerts is presented on this page. The statistics are grouped to give you a clear view of the company status. Every group has it's own title, last updated time stamp, customization menu and of course the information itself.

The statistics are refreshed at specified periods of time to speed up the Welcome screen loading. They are refreshed automatically when the information covered by the specific category changes, also you can refresh them manually selecting the Refresh option from the statistic options menu.

You can organize this information by closing some not important to you statistic boxes and/or organizing the content in the columns. You can setup as many as 10 columns.

To perform actions on the selected statistics group locate the statistic options menu - the down arow button in the top right part of the box. Clicking on this button will give you the following options:

Collapse / Expand

this allows you to hide or show the selected statistical information


updates the selected statistic to current information in the Med-Stop system


allows you to close the statistics you do not need

Move Up / Move Down

changes the vertical position of the statistics box in the column

Column Left / Column Right

changes the column the statistics box is positioned in

When you close the statistics box you can open it back by selecting it from the Show Statistic list on the left side of the Welcome screen. There is also a Reset button that allows you to reset the screen layout back to default.

Quick Search

In the top left corner of the Welcome screen you will find the Quick Search box. This is the fastest way to find the information in the system. Select the record type you are looking for, then type in your search text and press the Find button. If any record meets your search criteria it will be dispalyed on the top of the Welcome screen window. You can click on the search result list to directly get to the information window you selected.

Press the Reset button to clear the Quick Search list.

Qick Tasks

Quick Tasks is the fastest way to perform your everyday duties. If you see the statistics on the Welcome screen locate the Quick Tasks button in the top right part of the screen. Click on it. This will get you to the Quick Tasks screen - the list of the most common tasks accessible by one click. Most of them will open the window that will guide you through the selected task.

My Status

In the left middle part of the Welcome screen you can see the My Status box. This is the basic information about your login session - your name, location / employer. Also, there will be Previous Login date information as well as the last Login Error date.

If your last login date is incorrect and/or the login error date is and did not make any errors recently then change your password immediately.

This can mean that somebody else is trying to login to the Med-Stop system using your user name and password.

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