Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Random Selection Service / Start using Random Selection Service

Setup your company Random Selection Service

You can start using the Med-Stop Random Selection service when you register your company over the Med-Stop web site.

When performing the step by step registration select that your company wants to use the specific Random Selection Services.

You can also start using the Med-Stop Random Selection service at any time from the Med-Stop system select Random main menu option and then Random Service Setup.

You have to agree to the terms of the Med-Stop Random Selection agreement to use the service.

When starting the service you can specify following options:

Automatically create DOT Pools

For DOT regulated employers setting this option to YES will automatically create the required selection pools. In the moment of starting your random service and on every year start, the DOT pools are created. The pool selection target percentage is determined by the DOT regulations.

For non-DOT regulated company you have to create your own pools and set the target percentage as required by your company.

Automatically update Pool Members

If you want the Med-Stop system to automatically update the pool members list based on your company active employee list, set this option to YES. In this moment you cannot remove the employees from the pool members list - this process is handled automatically - termination of the employee removes it from the pool members list.

Default Selection Frequency

You can select the selection period for the random selection process. For DOT regulated companies it is recomended to set the period to QUARTERLY.

Include Employees with Status

When the Auto Update Members is set to YES the employees with the specified employment status are auto included as pool members.

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