Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Test Requests / Create new Test Request

New Test Request

To create a new employee Test Request, please follow these guidelines:

1. Specify the Service Category and reason for the test, as well as the DOT status.

2. Notify the collection site about any additional instructions for the request.

3. Specify the Date of the Test and the latest Hour the test needs to be performed.

4. Choose the test location using one of the following methods:

  • Enter the specific postal zip code and click on the "Find Location" button. This will provide a list of all locations within a specified range that can perform the requested test on the specified date. Click on the desired location from the list to select it and view its details.
  • Select a location from your company's preferred locations list. Your company can establish a list of locations where you want to send your drivers for testing. Only the locations that meet the test type and date requirements will be shown.
  • Select a location from the map. Click on the "Map" button to locate the specific area and choose the desired location.
  • If the location is not on the list, enter the location address manually.
Always try to locate the test site first before entering the location address manually.

Once you have selected the location, proceed to the next step to review the location details and finalize the Test Request.

If you wish to print the Test Request notification, set the "Show additional Tasks" option to YES and select "View / Print Test Request Notification" from the additional task list on the finish screen.


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